August 20, 2010

Men after the age of 30 should be timely to lose weight

Sedentary office a long time, due to work stress and lack of exercise, or because of feelings of depression from seeking comfort food or alcohol, these are white-collar men lost in the university campus that body symmetry reasons. And your weight and your pressure will be a vicious circle.
Most people under pressure easily overeating, indigestion caused by being overweight, getting more and more vulnerable to pressure. Some people think that "Laugh and grow fat", fat is a worry-free performance.
From a psychological point of view, this may be true, which is why most men married after the body was blown up like a balloon as quickly as one of the reasons obesity.
Although the men did not advocate "Gugan Mei," but increasingly fat and also not a good thing, at least you would very much like a mirror you can see without the aid of his belt buckle.
The site easy to get fat men and women are different, "beer belly" is the young men the most headaches. The general body of men, about 30 billion fat cells, and with age, these cells will be heavier.
Therefore, almost every man after the age of 30 is always heavier than before. And his genes, hormones and slowed metabolism are beginning to impact on his abdomen. However, the beer belly is not inevitable, and get rid of it you will look better, more abundant energy, will live longer.
Now you no matter what your field of work, you still have ways to consume calories. Cycling, running, swimming, walking and other aerobic exercise is the consumption of the body heat of the most effective way, you do not, as long as your heart rate can last at least 20 minutes. Scientifically proven, weight loss is systemic, not only lose a part, while other parts remain unchanged. Therefore, weight loss can not be impatient.
In fact, exercise the opportunity to lose weight everywhere: the car up a little bit further, you can enjoy the fun of walking; enter the building, do not take the elevator, climb the floor to themselves; rest did not hesitate to go for a walk rather than drink coffee, cola, for walking than any drink can make you sober.
Too fat, too ill come, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, came lined up, so after 30-year-old man a piece of advice: lose weight in due course.

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